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  1. Cholecalciferol Granules

    *Brand Name:- D3- CHOL sachet Mrp:- 37.75 Composition:-Cholecalciferol Granules 60.000 IU
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  2. Omega-3 Fatty Acid Gel

    OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID GEL Each soft gelatin contain:-black grape seed extract 10mg, green tea extract 60mg, lutein 10%, methylcobalamin 750mcg, zinc oxide 20mg, cupric oxide 20mg, magnesium sulphate 2mg, multivitamin, chromium sulphate 2mg,colin colleen saccints, folic acid 2.5mg, calcium pantothenate 30mg, biotin 5mg, beta carotene 50% 5mg, zeaxanthin 50mg, omega-3 fatty acid EPA 90mg DHA 60mg
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  3. Pre & Probiotic With Zinc Cap

    *Brand Name:- Z-Dypro Cap Mrp- 99.75 Composition:-Lactobacillus Acidophilus 0.48 billion. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 0.48 billion. Bifidobacterium Longum 0.48 billion. Bifidobacterium Bifidum 0.48 billion. Saccharomyces Boulardi 0.1 billion. Zinc Enriched Yeast 12 mg.
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  4. Softgel Omega 3 Fatty Gel

    OMEGA-3 FATTY SOFTGEL CAPSULES We have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Methylcobalamin Softgel Capsules. *Brand Name : OLRIX 9G SOFTGEL CAPSULES *Paking type 1*10 capsules *Mrp : 297.00 Compostion : Ginseng 42.5mg , Ginkgo Biloba 10 mg Green Tea Extract 10mg , Grape Seed Extract 15mg Garlic Powder 2mg , Guggul 5mg Ginger Root Extract 10mg , Lycopene 2.5mg Mixed Carotenoids 5mg , Citrus bioflavonoids 12.5mg EPA 90mg , DHA 60mg Niacinamide 15mg , Vitamin C 12.5mg Vitamin E 12.5IUI , nositol 10mg Pantothenic Acid 5mg , Vitamin A 1600IU Vitamin B1 1mg , Vitamin B2 1mg Vitamin B6 0.5 mg , Vitamin K3 80mcg Folic Acid 50mcg , Biotin 30mcg Vitamin D3 200IU , Vitamin B12 1mcg Benfotiamine 1.5mcg , Lutein 250mcg Methylcobalamin 500mcg , Methionine 22mg Glutamic Acid 20mg , Choline bitartrate 10mg Lysine 10mg , L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 2500mcg Cysteine 2.5mg , Iron 18mg Zinc 15mg , Potassium 4mg Chloride 3.6mg , Manganese 1.5mg Calcium 5mg , Phosphorous 3.86mg Copper 0.5mg , Boron 150mcg Molybdenum 0.5mg , Chromium 65mcg Nickel 5mcg , Iodine 50mcg Vanadium 10mcg , Tin 2mcg Menadione Sodium 10mcg , Ferrous Fumarate 30mg Magnesium 30mg , Lactic Acid bacillus 500lacs Curcuma Longa 5mg, Piperine 5mg - Indications : Auto-IMMUNE Disorders (RA) Osteoporosis Psychiatric Disorders (Neuro-degeneration, Depressive Disorders) Chronic Fatigue Debility, Convalescence, Geriatrics Diabetes/ Obesity/ Dyslipidemia Post Menopausal Disorders Skin Disorders Cardiovascular Disorders * VITAMIN-MINERALS-ANTIOXIDANTS : Enhance Different Immune Functions * METHYLCOBALMIN : Neuroprotective & neuropromotive effects. Increases myeline sheath formation & regenerates neurons. * LYCOPENE : Lycopene is transported in the blood by various Lipoprotein & accumulates in the liver, adrenal glands & testes. * L-CARNITINE : Will give an energy boost, which in addition converts body fat to fuel & elevates certain enzymes needed to metabolize sugars, starches aother carbohydrates.
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  5. Vitamin C 500mg, Multivitamin, Zinc With Biotin

    Brand Name:- Cdexx-c-plus Mrp:- 179.75 Composition :- Vitamin C 500mg, Multivitamin, Zinc with Biotin support immune system against covid-19
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